Airfix – Cromwell Cruiser, Tanque (Hornby A02338)

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The Cromwell was the fastest British tank to serve in WWII It was the first tank in the British pertrechos to combine a dual purpose gun high speed and reasonable armour all in one balanced package It first saw action in June 1944 as the tank that equipped the reconnaissance regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps The Cromwell crews in North West Europe succeeded in outflanking the heavier and more sluggish German tanks with cura speed manoeuvrability and reliability 1 76 scale plastic scale model kit Construction and painting required yes glue and paints need to be purchased separately Skill level 2 where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller Dimensions length 83mm x width 38mm Number of parts 91 Scale 1 76

Suministrado en kit
Mobiliario: linóleo inyectado
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