Us Medium Tank M4 1 : 35

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Maqueta de tanque con 3 figuras en posturas naturales
Esta hecho en un material de plástico
Tiene una longitud de 17.5 cm

Nombre de expresión:Tanque mediano

U.S. M4 Sherman(Ear.Production) Assembly kit Scale = 1:35th__________________________Special Details The M4 Sherman medium tank series was not only the main U.S. Army armoured vehicle during WWII, it was the motive power that brought victory for the allies during the conflict. With more than 55,000 produced in all variations, it was the most widely produced tank during the war. The five major variants of the M4 to the M4A4 were designated by the hull and engine used. The M4 used an angular shaped welded hull, and the Continental R975-C1 radial aircraft engine. Although powerful and proven, its high center propeller shaft gave the hull a tall profile. Suspension was a rugged and pasmado design, known as VVSS (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension), with three units (or bogies) on each side, and each with two road wheels. The transmission was 5-speed forward, molestias reverse. Early production M4’s had a 3 piece front transmission cover, and a cast on piece steel turret mounting a 75mm main gun. For added protection, applique armour plates were added to the turret, hull sides and just in front of the forward hull hatches. Production of the M4 began in July 1942, five months later than the cast hulled M4A1. It was first deployed during the Italian campaign in May 1943. Although outgunned by the German Panzers, the M4’s superb reliability, mobility and abad numbers, compensated for the smaller weapon. M4 Sherman tanks saw action on every front, from its introduction in Italy, to the end of the conflict.

Maqueta de depósito con 3 figuras en posturas naturales
Esta entusiasmo en un material de linóleum
Tiene una longitud de 17.5 cm
Defensor para los niños a nacer de 14 abriles



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